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Uma Scientific
Dr.S.Uma [Director]
Qualification Ph.D, Post Doctoral training Leuven, Belgium
Specialization / Discipline Horticulture/ Plant Biotechnology
Department RMP
Official email,
Salient Research Achievements
(in bullets)
  • Developed national Musa information database.
  • Identified four new Musa species, and a natural tetraploid (ABBB).
  • Developed tissue culture protocols for several endangered and near extinct banana landraces and rejuvenation in their natural habitats.
  • Identified nutritionally rich banana for minerals and vitamins.
  • Developed baseline information on breeding strategies
  • Released a high yielding variety, Udhayam
  • Developed embryo rescue technique for hybrid regeneration
  • Developed in-vitro protocols for multiple shoots and regeneration.
  • Developed embryogenic cell suspensions and genetic transformation protocol.
  • Transcriptomic studies on BB genome (M.balbisiana)
Current Research
  • Improvement and management of banana genetic resources in the Indian sub continent. (PI)
  • Improvement through conventional breeding. (Co-PI)
  • Improvement of cv. Grande Naine (Cavendish - AAA) for Fusarium wilt resistance through non-conventional breeding. (Co-PI)
  • Development of trait specific markers for fusarium wilt resistance through association mapping studies in banana (Musa spp.) (Co-PI)
Current Research
  • Network project on Transgenic in crops – Banana functional genomics (Sigatoka & Drought component) (PI)
  • Framing crop specific DUS Guidelines for Banana (Musa spp.) (PI)
  • Development and Transfer of Technology from Queensland University of Technology to India for Bio fortification and Disease Resistance in Banana ( Phase II)
    Component-3:   Development of efficient ECS for Rasthali and providing to Indian Partners (PI)
  • Improvement of Banana for Small Holder Farmers in the Great Lake Regions of Africa Indian component – Breeding for improved bananas with Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f sp. cubense) resistance (PI)
Area of Interest Genetic resources, breeding, in-vitro regeneration, Functional genomics
Total Research Publications 110
Best five Publications
  • S.Uma, S. Lakshmi, M. S. Saraswathi, A. Akbar and M. M. Mustaffa. 2012. Plant regeneration through somatic embryogenesis from immature and mature zygotic embryos of Musa acuminata ssp. burmannica. In-Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol.—Plant. In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol.—Plant. 48: 539–545.
  • S.Uma, M.S.Saraswathi and P.Durai. 2011. Evidence of new species in India -Musa swarnaphalya and confirmation through morpho-molecular characterization. Indian Journal of Horticulture, 68(2). June: 145-151.
  • S.Uma, S. Lakshmi, M. S. Saraswathi, A. Akbar and M. M. Mustaffa. 2010. Embryo rescue and plant regeneration in banana (Musa spp.). Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture. 105(1):105-110.
  • S.Uma, M.S.Saraswathi, S.A.Siva, M.S.Dhivya Vadhana, M.Manickavasagam, P.Durai and A.Lourdusamy, 2008. Diversity and phylogenetic relationships among wild and cultivatedbananas (Silk-AAB) revealed by SSR markers. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology. 83(2) 239–245.
  • Uma,S, R.Selvarajan, S.Sathiamoorthy, A.Ramesh Kumar and P.Durai, 2003. Evaluation of Banana Germplasm for Leaf Industry and their suitability to different production profiles in India. International Plant Genetic Resource Newsletter134:41-44.
  • Best Research Paper Award
  • Girdharilal Chadha Memorial Gold Medal in Fruit Science.
  • Kadali Puraskar Award.
  • Appreciation Award.
  • Fellow of Association for the Improvement in Production and Utilisation of Banana.
  • Fellow of Horticulture Society of India.
  • Fellow of Indian Society for Plant Genetic Resources.

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