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Dr.R.Selvarajan [Principal Scientist]
  • Molecular characterization of viruses, Development of on-site diagnostic kits, Biotechnological approaches for virus disease management, ‘Omics’ - studies to understand host-virus-vector interactions (PI)
  • Qualification Ph.D.
    Specialization / Discipline Plant Virology
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    Salient Research Achievements
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    • Complete genomes sequencing of banana bunchy top virus, banana bract mosaic virus, banana streak Mysore virus and banana streak OL virus was done
    • Coat proteins of BBTV, BBrMV, BSMYV and CMV were expressed in bacterial system and produced polyclonal antisera for diagnosis.
    • PCR, RT-PCR, Multiplex PCR, NASH and ELISA based detection technologies have been developed for the detection of banana viruses.
    • Developed virus genome derived promoter constructs, RNAi constructs for using replicase gene of BBTV, RNAi construct for multiple virus genes (BBTV, CMV and BBrMV) besides rep and cp gene construct for BBTV.
    • Developed 13 transgenic lines of Hill banana resistant to BBTV throughAgrobacterium mediated genetic transformation
    • Developed management technology for bract mosaic virus disease.
    • As accredited Molecular Virology lab virus testing is being done for TC banana plants.
    Current Research
    • Molecular approaches to understand the host-virus-vector-environment interactions and RNAi for the management of banana viruses (PI)
    Current Research
    • National Certification system for tissue culture raised plants - Virus Indexing component (PI)
    • Consortia Research Platform on Vaccines and Diagnostics (PI)
    Area of Interest
    Total Research Publications 84
    Best five Publications
    • Selvarajan, R. and Balasubramanian. V. 2013. Natural Occurrence of Banana bunchy top virus in Ensete superbum in India. Indian Journal of Virology. 24(1):97-98.
    • Selvarajan, R., Mary Sheeba M, and Balasubramanian V .2011. Simultaneous detection of episomal Banana streak Mysore virus and Banana bunchy top virus using multiplex RT–PCR. Current Science, Vol. 100, No. 1, 10.31-34.
    • Selvarajan. R, Mary Sheeba, M., Balasubramanian. V., Rajmohan. R, Lakshmi Dhevi,N and Sasireka. T. 2011. Molecular Characterization of Geographically Different Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) Isolates in India. Indian J. Virology, 21(20):110-116.
    • Balasubramanian.V. and Selvarajan. R. 2012. Complete genome sequence of a banana bract mosaic virus isolate infecting the French plantain cv. Nendran in India Archives of Virology, 157:397-400
    • Elayabalan, S., Kalaiponmani, K., Subramaniam, S., Selvarajan, R., Panchanathan, R., Muthuvelayoutham, R., Kumar, K.K. and Balasubramanian, P. 2013. Development of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of highly valued hill banana cultivar Virupakshi (AAB) for resistance to BBTV disease. World journal of microbiology & biotechnology, 29 (4):589-96.
    • DST Lockheed Martin IIGP Award - 2015.
    • Fellow of Phytopathological Society of India.
    • Fellow of Indian Virological Society.
    • Fellow of National Academy of Biological Sciences.
    • Hari Om Ashram Trust Award.
    • Agrani Award.
    • Fellow of AIPUB.
    • FAO- Consultant.
    • Best scientist Award.
    • Junior Research Fellowship.
    • Senior Research Fellowship.

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