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Ravi Scientific
Dr.I.Ravi [Principal Scientist]
Qualification Ph.D.
Specialization / Discipline Plant Physiology
Department Production
Official email,
Salient Research Achievements
(in bullets)
  • Identified drought and salt tolerant banana genotypes.
  • Drought tolerant traits for screening bananas in field are identified.
  • Methods of alleviating drought and salt injuries have been developed.
  • Regular irrigation from flowering to first one month is critical for normal fruit development. Soil moisture deficit stress during this period may reduce the bunch yield to the tune of 35-40%.
  • Amylose content in un-ripened green banana fruit (80-90% maturity) differentiates dessert and cooking bananas.
  • For better banana finger development post bunch emergence spray developed.
  • In bananas (Robusta, Karpuravalli, Ney Poovan, Saba, Poovan, Nendran), 8-10 leaves are sufficient at flowering for normal fruit development without affecting fruit quality. Keeping optimum number of leaves promotes light penetration to the lower leaves, reduces water loss through transpiration and reduces spread of leaf spot disease.
Current Research
  • High Temperature and soil moisture deficit stresses in banana: Mechanism of high temperature tolerance and management of high temperature and soil moisture deficit stresses in banana(PI)
  • Biochemistry of banana fruit ripening and characterization of high value compounds of fruit and flower (Co-PI)
  • Functions of resistant starch and designer food development from banana flour (Co-PI)
  • Development of clump management technology for enhanced productivity in banana (Co-PI)
Current Research Projects (External) Nil
Area of Interest Abiotic stresses, Climate change and Post Harvest Physiology.
Total Research Publications 46
Best five Publications
  • Iyyakutty Ravi, Subbaraya Uma, Muthu Mayil Vaganan and Mohamed M. Mustaffa (2013).Phenotyping bananas for drought resistance. Frontiers in Physiology. Volume. 4. Article 9, 1-15
  • Iyyakutty Ravi and Mohammed M. Mustaffa (2013). Starch and amylose variability in banana cultivars. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 18(1):83–87.
  • Ravi I. and M.C. Ghildiyal (2001) Translocation of 14C-Sucrose within the Ear in Durum and Aestivum Wheat Varieties. Journal of Agronomy & Crop Science 186: (1) 9-14.
  • Ravi I, Khan FA, Poonam Sharma-Natu and Ghildiyal MC (2001) Yield response of tetraploid and hexaploid wheat varieties to CO2 enrichment. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 71(7):444-449.
  • Krishnan P, Ravi I, Ramakrishnayya G (1999) Effect of submergence on leaf senescence. Experimental Agriculture (UK) 35: 345-355.
  • Consultant editor for Indian journal of Plant Physiology
  • Recognized as Ph.D. guide in Plant Science at Bharathidasan University, Trichy

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