MID - IRC Review Meeting 2016
To review the institute and externally funded projects a Mid-Institute Research Council Meeting was conducted on 15th and 16th February, 2016. The Member Secretary-IRC welcomed the chairman and all the members (Scientist). The Chairman welcomed the Scientists and asked the Principal Investigators to present only the Salient Achievements and the technical programme for the remaining period. He asked the Scientist to wind-up the long term projects and propose new projects with a focus to develop new varieties, technologies, patents, etc. All Scientists presented the achievements of ongoing projects and few have proposed new projects for approval. Externally funded projects were also presented by the Scientists. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the Member Secretary. The following members were present in the meeting.
  • Dr.B.Padmanaban, Director - Acting Chairman
  • Dr.J.Poorani, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.R.Thangavelu, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.M.Mayilvaganan, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.I.Ravi, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.V.Kumar, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.K.J.Jeyabaskaran, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.K.N.Shiva, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.S.Backiyarani, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.M.S.Saraswathi, Pr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.P.Suresh Kumar, Sr.Scientist - Member
  • Dr.P.Giribabu, Scientist - Member
  • Dr.A.Thirugnanavel, Scientist - Member
  • Mr.R.Natarajan, Scientist - Member
  • Mrs.C.S.Jacqueline, Technical Officer(PMEC)
  • Dr.R.Selvarajan, Pr.Scientist - Member-Secretary


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