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Mayilvaganan Scientific
Dr.M.Mayilvaganan [Principal Scientist]
Qualification Ph. D.
Specialization / Discipline Plant Biochemistry
Department Production
Official email,
Salient Research Achievements
(in bullets)
  • Profiled phenol metabolizing and phenylpropanoid enzymes in banana relation to infection of root lesion nematode.
  • Elucidated quantitatively the phenylpropanoid metabolites responsible for resistance of banana cultivars to P.coffeae.
  • Developed an improved protein isolation protocol from banana roots for proteomics analysis.
  • Identified differentially expressed proteins in banana roots in response to infection of P.coffeae.
Current Research
  • Biochemistry of banana fruit ripening and characterization of high value compounds of fruit and flower (PI)
  • High Temperature and soil moisture deficit stresses in banana: Mechanism of high temperature tolerance and management of high temperature and soil moisture deficit stresses in banana(Co-PI)
  • Functions of resistant starch and designer food development from banana flour (Co-PI)
Current Research
  • Development and Transfer of Technology from Queensland University of Technology to India for Bio fortification and Disease Resistance in Banana ( Phase II)
    Component-2:   Biofortification and evaluation of Indian banana with Iron constructs (PI)
Area of Interest Biochemistry of fruit ripening, Biochemistry of resistance/tolerance of bananas to biotic/abiotic stresses, Biofortification, Phytochemicals and nutraceuticals, Nanotechnology, Metabolomics.
Total Research Publications 42
Best five Publications
  • Mayil Vaganan, M., Gupta, A. and Chithra, K. R. (2001). Biochemical evidences for purification of phytoplasma of root (wilt) of coconut. J. Plant Biol. 28(1): 55-60.
  • Mayil Vaganan, M., Singh, S. P. and Johari, R. P. (2004). Hypocholesterolemic effects of protein prepared from Phaseolus aconitifolius (Jacq.). Ind. J. Exptl. Biol. 42(9): 904-908.
  • Jacob, R. R. and Mayil Vaganan, M. (2006). Comparison of different DNA isolation methods for detection of phytoplasma of root (wilt) disease. J. Plantn. Crops. 34(3): 552-557.
  • Mayil Vaganan, M., Gunasekaran, M., Sheenakumari, T. K., Geetha, L., Rajiv, G., Solomon, J. J. and Sasikala, M. (2007). Developing a polymerase chain reaction based detection method for detection of coconut root (wilt) phytoplasma. J. Plantn. Crops. 35(1): 9-14.
  • Mayil Vaganan, M. and Jacob, S. C. (2008). Variations in defense-related enzymes in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) cv. West Coast Tall affected by root (wilt) disease. J. Plant Biol. 35(2): 131-140.
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