Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)
The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is the apex body for planning, promoting, coordinating and undertaking research and its applications in agriculture and allied sciences in the country. ICAR envisions harnessing science through generation, refinement and assessment of appropriate technologies that will ensure comprehensive sustained physical, economic and ecological access to food, nutrition and livelihood security for all. ICAR recognizes that research in frontier sciences, such as agro-biotechnology will require Intellectual Property (IP) protection through patents, plant variety protection and other forms of IPR. Public – Private partnerships will play an increasing role in the advancement of agricultural research under the IPR regime. The transfer of IPR enabled agricultural technologies through commercial route will gain greater importance. In response to the changing scenario of technology generation and dissemination, ICAR has developed a policy framework that will guide the management of IP created by its scientists / innovators at its institutions or elsewhere, and that developed with its support. The entire IPR Management runs in the form of a three tier IP technology management system. NRC for Banana along with its ITMU & ITMC members is a member institute under the South Zonal Technology Management and Business Planning Development Unit, which is, The Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin.
Institute Technology Management Committee ITMC
Sl.No Name Position
1 Dr.M.M.Mustaffa,
2 Dr.R.Selvarajan,
Pr.Scientist/ Member Secretary-IRC
3 Dr.K.J.Jeyabaskaran,
Sr.Scientist/ Technical Expert
4 Dr.S.Backiyarani
Sr.Scientist/ Technical Expert
5 Dr.K.N.Shiva
6 Dr.George Ninan
Pr.Investigator / ZTM-BPDU (South Zone), CIFT, Cochin
7 Dr.C.Anuradha
Member Secretary/ Officer In-charge (ITMU)
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