Institute Ongoing Projects
# Project Name Principal Investigator
Crop Improvement
1 Crop Improvement of banana through conventional breeding S.Uma
2 Improvement and management of banana genetic resources in Indian subcontinent S.Uma
3 Identification and characterisation of nematode resistance genes in banana S.Backiyarani
4 Improvement of banana for nematode resistance and marker development S.Backiyarani
5 Improvement of Rasthali through induced mutagenesis M.S.Saraswathi
6 Development of trait specific markers for fusarium wilt resistance through association mapping studies in banana (Musa spp.) M.S.Saraswathi
7 Identification and evaluation of superior clones of cv.Ney Poovan (AB) and Grand Naine (AAA) R.Natarajan
Crop Production
8 Development of clump management technology for enhanced productivity in banana V.Kumar
9 Studies on nutrient dynamics in banana K.J.Jeyabaskaran
10 Drought stress tolerance in banana: Understanding the physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanism of drought tolerance I.Ravi
11 Salt stress tolerance in banana: Understanding the physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanism of salt tolerance I.Ravi
12 Biochemical and molecular basis of ripening of banana fruit and its manipulation with biochemicals M.Mayilvaganan
13 Biochemistry of banana fruit ripening and characterization of high value compounds of fruit and flower M.Mayilvaganan
14 Development of pre and post harvest techniques for leaf production in banana K.N.Shiva
15 Development of modified atmosphere packaging techniques in banana and plantain for domestic and export markets K.N.Shiva
16 Development and refinement of value added products in banana and plantain K.N.Shiva
17 Functions of resistant starch and designer food development from banana flour P.Suresh Kumar
Crop Protection
18 Management of banana weevils B.Padmanaban
19 Pest mapping in bananas and plantains of India J.Poorani
20 Investigations on Musa nematode’s biology, behaviour, diversity and their interactions P.Giribabu
21 Investigation on fungal and bacterial diseases of banana and their management R.Thangavelu
22 Studies on viral diseases of banana and their management R.Selvarajan
23 Host-virus interactions in Banana: Molecular mechanisms of resistance and susceptibility, latency, integration and episomal expression of EPRV’s R.Selvarajan
24 Proteomic analysis of host-BBTV interaction in banana C.Anuradha

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