Externally Funded
S.No. Project Title Principal Investigator
1 Network project on Transgenic in crops – Banana functional genomics (Sigatoka & Drought component) S.Uma
2 Framing crop specific DUS Guidelines for Banana (Musa spp.) S.Uma
3 Improvement of Banana for Small Holder Farmers in the Great Lake Regions of Africa
Indian component – Breeding for improved bananas with Fusarium wilt ( Fusarium oxysporum f sp. cubense) resistance

4 National certification system for tissue culture raised plants (NCS-TCP)
Virus Indexing Component
Genetic fidelity component


5 Development and Transfer of Technology from Queensland University of Technology to India for Bio fortification and Disease Resistance in Banana ( Phase II)
Component-1:   Biofortification and evaluation of Indian banana with pro Vitamin A (PVA) constructs
Component-2:   Biofortification and evaluation of Indian banana with Iron constructs
Component-3:   Development of efficient ECS for Rasthali and providing to Indian Partners

6 Development of non-chemiral mutants with durable resistance to fusarium wilt in Rasthali through induced mutagenesis M.S.Saraswathi
7 Twinning programme on Molecular characterization of fusarium oxysporum cubense causing fusairum wilt on banana and its sustainable management R.Thangavelu
8 ICAR extramural project on Survey, characterisation and management of a most virulent strain of Foc (TR4) infecting banana in India R.Thangavelu
9 Consortia Research Platform on Vaccines and Diagnostics R.Selvarajan
10 Consortium for managing Indian banana genetic resources S.Uma
11 Collection, evaluation, documentation and conservation of banana genetic resources from NE region M.S.Saraswathi
12 Diversity assessment, germplasm conservation and database development on banana resources in NE India M.S.Saraswathi
13 Whole genome and transcriptome study to stress tolerant banana cultivars S.Backiyarani
14 Knocking out the virus – Elimination of the endogenous banana streak viral sequences from banana through genome editing with CRIPSPR – Cas9 system R.Selvarajan
15 Molecular dissection of defence against Sigatoka infection in Banana : Exploitation of Musa germplasm of NE for development of Sigatoka resistant hybrid R.Thangavelu
16 Biotechnological Interventions through RNAi approach for Management of banana bunchy top virus in NE region of India R.Selvarajan
17 Screening of banana germplasm from the NE for Fusarium wilt resistance and molecular characterization in contrasting genotypes R.Thangavelu
18 Exploring diversity, genomic and transcriptome profiling and phytosemiochemicals of banana pest complex in NE Region B.Padmanaban
19 In-vitro mass propagation of high value hill area banana M.S.Saraswathi
20 Characterization of high value phytochemicals of anti diabetic and immunomodulatory properties in NE banana varieties M.Mayil vaganan
21 Development of pre & post harvest bunch care management methods for fresh banana P.Suresh Kumar
22 Genetic resource assessment, in-situ conservation and impact of banana waste as a feed for animals in NE region of India M.S.Saraswathi
23 Value addition of banana and creating small scale enterprises of Meghalaya tribal community through minimal processing technology P.Suresh Kumar
24 Management of low temperature and soil moisture deficit stresses in banana growth in NE India I.Ravi
25 Downstream processing for utilization of banana wastes for natural fiber extraction, fiber based products, biomass briquettes and utility compounds P.Suresh Kumar

Priced Publications