Externally Funded
S.No. Project Title Principal Investigator
Crop Improvement
1 Network project on Transgenic in crops – Banana functional genomics (Sigatoka & Drought component) S.Uma
2 CRP on Agro Biodiversity S.Uma
3 ICAR Extramural project on A new vision for quality planting material (QPM) production system in India S.Uma
4 Framing crop specific DUS Guidelines for Banana (Musa spp.) S.Uma
5 Development and Transfer of Technology from Queensland University of Technology to India for Bio fortification and Disease Resistance in Banana
Component-1 :   Biofortification and evaluation of Indian banana with pro Vitamin A (PVA) constructs
Component-2 :   Biofortification and evaluation of Indian banana with Iron constructs
Component-3 :   Development of efficient ECS for Rasthali and providing to Indian Partners
6 ICAR Extramural project on Harnessing the potential of Musa species in ornamental and leaf industries and screening for better edible flower and pseudostem A.Thirugnanavel
7 NCS-TCP R.Selvarajan,
8 Development of non-chemiral mutants with durable resistance to fusarium wilt in Rasthali through induced mutagenesis M.S.Saraswathi
Crop Production
9 ICAR Extramural project on Studies on active packaging on extending shelf-life of banana K.N.Shiva
Crop Protection
10 CRP on Borers P.Padmanaban
11 Identification of molecular strategies for the control of Cosmopolites sordidus Ger.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) (a major pest of bananas) B.Padmanaban
12 ICAR Extramural project on On-site diagnostics for insect pests of selected horticulture crops to enable timely pest management decision making J.Poorani
13 ICAR Extramural project on Fusarium Wilt Disease R.Thangavelu
14 Outreach project on Phytophthora Fusarium and ralstonia diseases of horticultural and field crops R.Thangavelu
15 Twinning programme on Molecular characterization of fusarium oxysporum cubense causing fusairum wilt on banana and its sustainable management R.Thangavelu
16 CRP on Vaccines and Diagnostics R.Selvarajan

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