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Ongoing Consultancy Services
S.No. Name of Client Title Principal Investigator

M/s. Madapally Service Co-operative Bank Ltd., Kottayam, Kerala

Setting up of a tisse culture unit and training to initiate the production of a tissue cultured banana

Dr.M.S.Saraswathi, Principal Scientist


M/s. Shanthi Agrotech, CV.Ramana Nagar, Bengaluru

Tissue culture multiplication of cv.Udhayam

Dr.M.S.Saraswathi, Principal Scientist


M/s. Saveer Biotech Ltd., New Delhi

Tissue culture multiplication of cv.Sabri

Dr.S.Uma, Director


M/s.State Biocontrol Laboratory, Thrissue, Kerala

For making liquid formulation of Entomopathogenic Fungus Isolate - Beauveria Bassiana

Dr.B.Padmanaban, Principal Scientist

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