Banana bagworm, Kophene cuprea

Kophene cuprea is one of the most common pests of banana and the damage is common and usually confined to isolated patches.
kophene-larva2  Banana bagworm kophene-damage (1)  Skeletonized patches on banana leaf infested by bagworm kophene-damage (2) kophene-damage (3)
kophene-damage (4) kophene-damage (6) bagworm-damage3  Leaf damage due to bagworm feeding bagwormdamage  Damage caused by bagworm feeding
kophene-damage  Banana leaf damaged by bagworm DSC 0504  Damage caused by bagworm feeding on banana DSC 0506  Banana leaf showing bagworm damage DSC 0509  Banana leaf damaged by bagworm
kophene-damage1  Banana leaf damaged by larvae of Kophene cuprea bagworm-damage  Holes made by bagworm on banana leaf bagworm-damage4  Leaf damaged by bagworm kophene1  Conical case housing the larva
kophene-damage (5) bagworm-on-banana  Bagworm on banana kophene  Bagworm larvae on banana kophene-case  Bagworm larva on banana - female
kophene-larva3  Banana bagworm kophene-larva4  Banana bagworm bagworm-banana1  Bagworms feeding on banana leaf bagworm-banana2  Skeletonization of banana leaf due to bagworm feeding
kophenebag  Bagworm on banana bagworm-sexing  Male and female larvae of banana bagworm (male larval case is apically narrow, female larval case is apically broader) kophene-dimorphism  Sexual dimorphism in case structure and pupae of bagworm bw male pupa  Pupa of bagworm (male)
pupa2  Pupa of bagworm (female) kophene-fempupa  Female pupa bagworm-pupae  Sexual dimorphism in pupae of banana bagworm bagworm female  Bagworm female is without wings, mouthparts, legs and other appendages and the eggs inside can be seen through the transparent integument
bagworm female3  Ventral side of female bagworm adult female  Adult female, without wings and other appendages Adult male  Adult male of banana bagworm is fully winged with all appendages bagworm-male  Winged adult male
bagworm-male1  Adult male in profile kophene-male  Adult male kophene-genit  Male genitalia of Kophene cuprea