Banana bagworm, Kophene cuprea

Kophene cuprea is one of the most common pests of banana and the damage is common and usually confined to isolated patches.
kophene-larva2  Banana bagworm bagworm-damage3  Leaf damage due to bagworm feeding bagwormdamage  Damage caused by bagworm feeding kophene-damage  Banana leaf damaged by bagworm
DSC 0504  Damage caused by bagworm feeding on banana DSC 0506  Banana leaf showing bagworm damage DSC 0509  Banana leaf damaged by bagworm kophene-damage1  Banana leaf damaged by larvae of Kophene cuprea
bagworm-damage  Holes made by bagworm on banana leaf bagworm-damage4  Leaf damaged by bagworm kophene1  Conical case housing the larva bagworm-on-banana  Bagworm on banana
kophene  Bagworm larvae on banana kophene-case  Bagworm larva on banana - female kophene-larva3  Banana bagworm kophene-larva4  Banana bagworm
kophenebag  Bagworm on banana bagworm-sexing  Male and female larvae of banana bagworm kophene-dimorphism  Sexual dimorphism in case structure and pupae of bagworm bw male pupa  Pupa of bagworm (male)
pupa2  Pupa of bagworm (female) kophene-fempupa  Female pupa bagworm-pupae  Sexual dimorphism in pupae of banana bagworm bagworm female  Bagworm female - without mouthparts, legs and other appendages
bagworm female3  Ventral side of female bagworm adult bagworm-male  Winged adult male bagworm-male1  Adult male in profile kophene-male  Adult male