Quinquennial Review Team Meeting of ICAR- AICRP on Fruits on 19 & 20th December, 2017

Two days Quinquennial Review Team Meeting of ICAR- AICRP Fruits was held on 19 & 20th December, 2017 at ICAR- NRC Banana, Trichy. The meeting began with the welcome address by Dr. P. Suresh Kumar who welcomed Padmashri Dr. K.L. Chadha, Chairman, QRT,other members (Dr. H.K. Senapathi, Dr. Satyabrata Maiti, Dr. V.S. Thakur and Dr. B.M.C. Reddy) and delegates of various states. Dr. Prakash Patil, Project Coordinator AICRP- Fruits, in his report outlined the impact of AICRP developed technologies on banana cultivation and spread in new areas. He made the SWOT analysis and raised concern on frequent transfer of AICRP personnel by the universities. Dr. S. Uma, Director, ICAR-NRCB & Crop coordinator emphasized the necessity to characterize the varietal wealth and need to develop new centres in north east and other needy places. She requested the officer in-charge of various centres to document the developed technologies and need to share the best clones for testing across region for recommendation as new variety. Dr. K.L. Chadha appreciated the AICRP-Fruits for development of multi-region adopted germplasm lines like NRCB-08 and NRCB-10. He was critical about the data generation and stressed the fact that more research papers must come out as combined results of various centres as this is a unique system and the potential should be tapped effectively. Thematic and centre wise presentations were made and critical comments were given by the chairman and members of the QRT for the improvement of AICRP- Fruits activities and laying the road map for the future action plan. It is advised to take up large scale multiplication of disease free quality planting material in a public- private partnership mode.The popularization of clonal selections and macro propagation through KVKs in the form of demonstration trials was also suggested.

Stakeholders’ meeting was also organized as part of the QRT to lay the effective action plan for the next five years. Stakeholders comprising farmers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and academia were invited to present their views to enhance the banana production and utilization. In nutshell, the stakeholders stressed upon the need for up to date variety specific production technologies, tissue culture protocol for traditional varieties, goal oriented technologies to combat emerging insect pest & disease problems, developing certified pack houses, need for sophisticated laboratories for residue testing, value addition and better marketing channels for Banana.

Stakeholders presented during the meeting: Dr. P. Murugesa Boopathi, Mr. A.P. Karuppaiah, Mr. G. Ajeethan, Mr. Shakar Nagarajan, Mr. V.A. Subramanian, Mr. G. Sivamani, Mr. Ezhilan Kave, Mr. Subramani Jogi, Er. Rajamanikandan, Dr. N. Sivakumar, Mr. A. Sivakumar, Dr. G. Azahgukannan, Dr. J. Dhiraviam, Mr.R.M.Dharmaraj, Mr.S.A. Sukumar, Mr. G. Madhanagopal, Mr.K.Sengottuvelu, Mr.R.Chinnadurai, Mr.K.Muthu Sekar, Er.K.Shanmugam, Mr.P.Tamilselvan.

Officer in-charge participated in the QRT meeting: Dr..K.Sooriyanathasundaram, Dr.B.V.K.Bhagavan, Prof.N.B.Shaikh, Dr.A.N.Patel, Dr.R.B.Sonawane, Dr.K.Baruah, Dr.DilipMisra,Dr.S.K.Rai,Dr.V.Kantharaju, Dr. Saudameni Swain, Dr.A.Snehalatha Rani, Dr.K.B.Sujatha, Dr.P.Muthulakshmi, Dr.C.Kavitha, Dr.P.R.Manju, Dr.P.B.Pushpalatha, Dr.GavashRagesh, Dr.Vimi Louis.

QRT Team with officer in-charge of AICRP centres & NRCB staff

ICAR- AICRP Fruits QRT team with Stakeholders

Release of ICAR-NRCB Newsletter

QRT meeting presentation


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