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About AICRP(FRUITS) on Banana
The project has the objective of identification and release of varieties and hybrids through multilocational testing (MLT); miniating safety duplicates besides evaluation and augmentation of germplasm with NAGS; evaluation of input-use-efficienttechnologies and assessment of plant health management technologies under different agro-climatic zones. This project has also been mandated for assessment of post-harvest losses of banana and mango in major hot-spots and demonstration of promising technologies of fruit crops in tribal areas. In the north eastern region, the project aims to implement te programmes of AICRP on identified fruit crops at six centres and demonstrate important technologies. Currently, the total number of centres under ICAR- AICRP on fruits is 50 (31 SAU based centres, 14 ICAR- Institute based centres, 4 CAU based centres and 1 private centre.). Among these, 24 centres are working on mango, 16 on guava, 13 on banana, 8 each on litchi, grapes and papaya, 5 on jack fruit and 4 on sapota.
Arabhavi (UHS, Karnataka), Bhuvaneshwar (OUAT, Odisha), Kovvur (Dr.YSRHU, Andhra Pradesh), Gandevi (NAU, Gujarat), Jalgaon (MPKV, Maharashtra), Kannara (KAU, Kerala), Coimbatore (TANU, Tamil Nadu), Mohanpur (BCKV, West Bengal), Pusa (Dr.RPCAU, Bihar) and Jorhat (AAU, Assam) are the regular centres; portblair (CIARI, Andaman & Nicobar Islands), pantnagar (GBPAU&T, Uttarkhand) and vengurle(Dr. BSKKV, Maharastra) are the voluntary centres along with ICAR-NRCB participating in the banana programmes. Being the technical partner, ICAR- NRCB provides technological back stopping to support the project. Many of the ICAR-NRCB developed technologies and the technologies from other universities, vetted by the ICAR- NRCB will be tested across banana centres. Presently 20 technical programmes are running through AICRP mode comprising 5 each in crop improvement and crop production and 10 in crop protection. For more details please visit AICRP on Fruits, Bengaluru

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