MGMG Programme at Thiruvalarcholai on 06.07.2016
Our team made a visit to Thiruvalarcholai on 6th July 2016 as part of MGMG programme. We met sugarcane and Banana growing farmers during our visit. Main crop grown are Banana, Sugarcane, Rice and Black gram. During the interaction it was felt that the sugarcane in the current year is yet to get its growth even after 40 days of planting. We asked the farmers the problem in detail and made a call to KVK, Sirugamani to get it clarified. Farmers in this village normally grow Nendran and Ney Poovan cultivars of banana keeping Nov - Jan as the harvesting time. Importance of fertilizer management, selection of right planting material, application of optimum fertilizers, disease management in Banana are explained to them. It was observed that wilt and weevil are the main problem in some Ney Poovan field; Rhizome rot is a big menace during initial three months of Nendran planting. Farmers are advised to take up Nendran planting in wilt affected fields. Other remedial measures are also given, to overcome these issues. Use of micronutrient mixtures and its benefits are explained to them. Soil sample is collected to issue a soil health card.

Discussion with farmers about farming details

Discussion with farmers about farming details

Soil sample collection in sugarcane field

Soil sample collection in Nendran field


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