A Team of Scientists consisting of Dr. M. Mayil Vaganan, Principal Scientist (Biochemistry), Dr. K.N. Shiva, Principal Scientist (Horticulture), Dr. S. Backiyarani, Principal Scientist (Biotechnology) and Dr. A. Thirugnanavel, Scientist (Horticulture) of ICAR-NRCB, Tiruchirapalli visited banana, cotton, black gram and ixora farmers' fields at Panaiyur, Kulithalai Tk., Karur Dt. under MERA GAON - MERA GAURAV programme on 13th April 2016. The major varieties grown in these villages are Ney Poovan and Nendran. The team of Scientists inspected each and every field as well as varieties and observed micronutrients deficiencies and advised them to spray 'Banana Shakthi', a micronutrient mixture to rectify the deficiencies. Banana and paddy are the main crops. Paddy fallow pulse [black gram] and banana relay with cotton are being practices in this village. The farmers were advised/directed to take up advanced scientific methods and technologies of production, particularly on maintaining good and hygienic mat and field conditions to achieve better yield. Soil samples and baseline data were collected from each varietal field for analysing the major and minor nutrients [eight fields].


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