From the Director's Desk
Dear banana stakeholders, warm greetings to all of you. We have launched a new redesigned website with valuable information on banana to cater to all your needs. ICAR-NRCB has made remarkable achievements during this year. Developing hybrid in banana is a tough task; with our best efforts now we have developed banana hybrids with improved qualities. NRCB-Selection 8 (Bangrier) has been recommended for central variety release in the third AICRP-Fruits Group Discussion meeting held at PAU, Ludhiana. We have uploaded the R&D information on banana in KRISHI portal which serves the farmers and researchers of agriculture in India. Pests and diseases pose a serious threat to banana production and a brainstorming session would be held to develop management strategies for the Fusarium wilt and banana skipper. Our centre has provided services to the banana farmers by certifying 52 million tissue culture raised plants as virus-free and true to type of the clone (fidelity) during this year. Strategies to manage salt and soil moisture stress are being given top priority. Banana sakthi, a micronutrient mixture technology, has been one of the success stories in improving the production of banana and now is being adopted across the country. Post harvest losses are being assessed in some parts of the country for specific varieties. Our centre is working on improved postharvest handling, packing, storage and ripening techniques for banana for domestic and export markets and offer services on value added products from banana. Around 25 technologies have been transferred to various stakeholders of banana during this year. Trainings are offered on all aspects of banana production to the stakeholders. Under Mera-Gaon-Mera-Gaurav programme, our 16 scientists have adopted 22 villages and developed and distributed soil health status cards for the benefit of farming community. Keerikal Medu village has been adopted by the ICAR-NRCB to make it clean and hygiene under Swachch Bharat mission. We appreciate your valuable feedback and comments to improve our services to all the banana stakeholders across the country.

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