NRCB plans for boosting banana fibre industry in a big scale

Dr.S.Uma, Director, NRCB with Researchers and Entrepreneurs

ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana, Trichy organized a one day brainstorming meeting on "Banana fibre: Research needs for commercial exploitation" on 10th May, 2018 with an aim to boost up the banana fibre utilization and fulfill the needs of banana stakeholders especially the entrepreneurs involved in fibre industry. It was a convergence of researchers from six states including three ICAR institutes, central institutes including NIT, SITRA, MSME of Tamil Nadu Govt and three State Agricultural Universities. CIRCOT, Mumbai, presented the technologies for utilizing fibre based products, sheets, composite boards, protrays which can replace the plastics and paving way for a greener environment. Navsari Agricultural University, Gujarat, briefed on the replicable model for utilization of banana pseudostem after bunch harvest in the form liquid manures, handmade stationeries. SITRA, Coimbatore has developed technologies for spinning and yarn making to make it suitable for blending with other fabrics in textile industry. TNAU, Coimbatore highlighted the significance of fibre based nanofilm wraps for extending the shelf life of horticultural commodities in the shelves of super markets. CIAE, Coimbatore, showcased their machine developed for minimal processing of central core stem. CII, Trichy and TNHDCL, Chennai have assured to support the setting up of large scale fibre extraction units. This will cater to the huge biomass produced from cultivated bananas including wild bananas seen in the natural habitats of North Eastern states. Dr.S.Uma, Director, ICAR-NRCB in her opening remarks outlined the NRCB contribution on entrepreneurship development and stressed that the enormous biomass produced in banana cultivation need not go waste as it can be converted into wealth for doubling the farmer's income. She emphasized on cluster development for mechanical extraction of fibre, development of fibre banks to cater to the demands of fibre industry and sustainable business models. Mr.A.P. Karuppaiah, President, and Mr.G.Ajeethan, Managing Director, TNBPCL suggested the utilization of pseudostem as a new vista of business opportunity. The meeting culminated in the identification of researchable issues and development of project proposals for tapping the enormous funding sources which has not been exploited. An exhibition was also arranged during the event with the displays of handicrafts and fabrics made from banana fibre.

Dr.S.Uma, Director, NRCB, giving opening remarks

Shri A.P.Karuppaiah, President, TNBPCL., delivering special address

Shri G.Ajeethan, M.D., TNBPCL., addressing the gathering

Dr.S.Uma, Director, NRCB, discussion with Researchers and Entrepreneurs


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